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The Artifice Girl

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“The dialogue-heavy nature places a huge amount of pressure on the performers – again, a challenge they are able to meet. Tatum Matthews is extraordinary as Cherry, having to perform as an AI functioning as a real girl, peppering uncanny moments and movements within a performance that shifts considerably in each section. To hold her own against the ever-reliable Lance Henriksen is so impressive and their interactions lend the film a real power.” -ScaredSheepless

"Matthews shines, delivering a nuanced performance as a being who wants more out of life than what she was programmed for. The young actress' dynamic performance is multi-layered and emotional, confirming Matthews as a talent to watch. Legendary actor Lance Henriksen shows up in the third act, which is not coincidentally the film's strongest. Matthews and Henriksen possess great on-screen chemistry and play off of each other wonderfully, creating the most intriguing portion of the film." -CBR

"The real discovery here though is young Matthews, whose performance is utterly convincing first as a real synthetic personality, and incrementally as an increasingly alive and all-too human young girl. The movie wouldn’t work if she weren’t as good as she is, but she knocks it out of the park." -Horror Obsessive

"Matthews achieves the difficult task of making Cherry a bright, engaging youngster but also unsettlingly logical and reasonable in the manner of Star Trek’s Mr Spock." -Screen Daily

"Special mention must be made of young actress Tatum Matthews, who as Cherry tackles one of the most complex and difficult characters in recent memory. Not only must she play a character forced into the middle of this ethical dilemma; she has to do so in a way that believably straddles the line between present-day speech-synthesis tech, futuristic AI, and actual humanity. It’s a remarkable performance." -Story Issues


"[Gareth] has seemingly conscripted a young, blonde 11-year-old girl, Cherry (Tatum

Matthews, who gives one of the best child performances you’ll see all year), as chat room bait." -Filmmaker


Wait Until Dark

"Another character is the young neighborhood girl Gloria, who lives upstairs, who is a
good friend to Susy. Nine years old Tatum Matthews is an excellent actress and very entertaining and engaging in this key role involved in dealing with these undesirable thugs. This is Tatum’s first non-musical role, and she has sung in several musicals at
Alhambra Theatre and Dining. She has been cast in the upcoming production of Elf at the Alhambra." -Folio Weekly

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

"Jeremy and Jemima Potts, played by Trey Murphy and Tatum Matthews, were absolutely adorable. They were very impressive keeping up with every number they were a part of. Whether they were singing, dancing, or even keeping up with their British accents, the audience was absolutely captivated by them." -Broadway World

"While, as always, the entire Alhambra cast performed well, the true stars of the show (aside from the car, that is) proved to be youngsters Trey Murphy and Tatum Matthews. The two 9-year-olds were “truly scrumptious” in their respective portrayals of Jeremy and Jemima Potts. Never missing a beat, both Murphy — making his Alhambra debut — and Matthews — boasting previous Alhambra credits in “Annie” and “Show Boat” — impressed all with their clear musical and acting talents." -Ponte Vedra Recorder

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